Photo Booth And Flipbooks in The Woodlands

Magic Box entertainment value alone is priceless as many people photograph and take video of their friends taking turns and performing in front of the camera. Once the Flipbooks have been printed, bound and handed to each guest, you will see them go around the venue showing off their books with great delight. This creates a buzz that encourages others to go and have fun making their own. 


                        "This is the kind of FUN you want at your event right?"

A mobile flipbook studio sets up in a 10′ x 10′ space at your venue. The staff takes a 7 second video of your guests displaying their many talents acting in front of the camera.
The photos are printed out, cut, and then bound into a
flip book delivered to your guests,
all in a matter of minutes. People of all ages enjoy their time on screen and leaving with their custom party favor.

While many people will create their own scenes that are surprisingly original, props are supplied to help those who may need more prodding in the right direction. People dance, hug, jump, blow kisses, as couples, groups and individuals. The creativity is endless.


Welcome to Magic Photo Box, experience the latest trend in custom party favors that will add the Fun, Entertainment and remarkable moments to your party or event. 

*Forget the low picture quality and uncomfortable photo cabins*

Magic Photo Box will take you to the next generation in photo booths:
A professional mobile studio will arrive to your event and will provide you with a freestyle video clip session where your guests will never need to squeeze each other in order to be on the picture.
Flipbooks...How it works??