Green Screen available: This service will add an extra touch of personalization to your event,this fantastic effects allows us to include your logo, image, video or anything to the background.  

  • Invitations and on site entertainment for corporate parties and picnics
  • event handouts
  • Grand Openings
  • Interactive Brochures
  • Direct Mail
  • Thank you notes
  • Greeting Cards
  • Charitable Fundraisers / non profit organizations

Great way to have your logo seen whenever your guests are showing them at the office or with friends


Trade Shows

  • Be one of the top attractions at your show, you will have a captive audience in your booth so your sales people have ample time to network with prospective clients. Attendees will be taking their books back to their offices – so not only is your company name or logo seen first, we can also add your salespeople business cards in the back. You will be remembered. Magic Photo Box is perfect, if you are hosting any dinners or cocktail parties during the show. 
*Magic Photo Box will produce a flipbook that will work as your interactive business card!

marketing in motion


A Flipbook can also be a unique and creative promotional item to advertise your product or service.  Your marketing message and your brand can be viewed and read over and over again on a new way by using a full motion clip in a booklet.  The right design makes them come to you, look around, and listen to what you’re saying.

Our Art department will work with you and customize your flipbooks with a design that incorporates your name, brand and logo. 

The right design makes your prospects and customers come to you, look around, and listen to what you’re saying.